Tailor-made activities

Romance in the bush

If you’re thinking of doing something intimate and unique with that special person in your life we have a list of options that would make it an unforgettable experience.


Capture the beauty of our majestic residents and your special memories with a professional photo shoot just before sunset. The memories you make, you will keep forever


The ability to have tamed and trained elephants at hand for film or photography, allows producers to create masterpieces which inspire people around the world.


Adventures with Elephants would love to work with you on tailor-made activities like team-building, bush walks, photography and film, or celebrating special events.


Rory Hensman Conservation Research Unit (RHCRU)


The Rory Hensman Conservation and Research Unit (RHCRU) is dedicated to the holistic and sustainable conservation of elephants and other wildlife in a modernizing Africa. We believe the best approach to conservation is to look at the bigger picture of conservation, and the positive and negative effects of conservation on rural communities and wildlife, finding win-win solutions for all by creative, “outside of the box” thinking.  Innovation at RHCRU is supported by collaboration with efforts in various academic and non-academic fields.  We focus on the preemptive approach to wildlife challenges and solutions that help to preserve the species before crisis point is reached, i.e. a fatal attack by poachers or as a result of human wildlife conflict situations, by promoting the value of elephants to human society, wildlife and wildlife systems.

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