About Us

Our Story

Adventures with Elephants was opened in 2010. We have had the honour of educating over 15000 guests a year, in the marvels of the African elephant.

Our Mission

AWE works towards finding and communicating the value of having and conserving wildlife and promoting understanding that wildlife needs to have value in order for it to survive.

Our Elephants

All our elephant were considered ‘problem elephants’ and as such were going to be destroyed. We took them in and tamed them for educational hands-on interactions.

Our Team

Many of our staff have a long history with the Hensman family and crossed the border with us and our elephant when political pressure in Zimbabwe forced a move to South Africa.

About Us

Conservation in context

As the human population grows, natural resources are being used up at a rapid rate and large areas of land are being converted for human use. This is not only true in the rain forests of South America and the deltas of Asia but also in Africa. For the African elephant this has meant a significant decrease in the size of their natural habitats.


Opinions about how to manage land and the wildlife and people on it are plenty and debates are often heated. The fact is however that today elephants roam only 17% of the land that was available to them 200 years ago.

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